Maine Makers

The team at Decor Maine owes so much to the craft community in Maine. Our state’s makers keep the dream alive that it is possible to follow a passion and to create a career around a lifestyle instead of the other way around. We like to show people how to live beautifully in Maine, but these makers make the beautiful linens, art, ceramics, jewelry, etc., the accruements of a home sanctuary. Each maker uses their own lens of Maine to make quirky, beautiful, useful, and durable wares that capture the essence of our state. Catherine Fisher’s garments are the living translation of her poetry into a physical form, and she hopes that the wearer completes the intention of her words. Christina Vincent makes custom furniture with intricately carved by hand inlays whose pattern comes from what she finds in nature. Mary McKone’s endangered species pottery raises awareness for their delicate status while also being anything but commonplace—her cups and dishes are art. Find what speaks to your soul here.