Union Restaurant’s Beautiful Burrata

Dish prepared by Josh Berry | Photo by Lauryn Hottinger


Honey roasted squash, pumpkin butter, and hazelnut dukkah plated on Dudson, Evo Pearl Collection.

According to executive chef Josh Berry, the star of this dish is actually the honey, harvested from their own bees on the Congress Street rooftop at Union. The textures of this dish are contrasting and complementary all at once—the creaminess of the Burrata, sweetness from the honey, smoothness of the pumpkin butter and squash, and the savory, nuttiness of the Egyptian Dukkah, which gives the dish a slight crunch. Every bite is a little different, and that’s exactly what Josh Berry wants. This is Maine November harvest meets Middle Eastern flavor and the perfect starter to a Fall dinner.

Isabelle Hinckley