Chocolate Panna Cotta at Portland's Little Giant

Plated by pastry chef Morgan Ditmars | Photo by Lauryn Hottinger


Chocolate panna cotta with sweet potato cream, burnt sweet potato, and pistachio soil.

The Chocolate Panna Cotta is a take on s’mores. In this decadent dessert dish, fluffy marshmallow, rich chocolate, and charred sweet potatoes are paired with sweet potato ice cream.

The inspiration behind this plate comes from winter campfire s’mores. With snow blowing at our doorsteps, the winter season is a time to gather around the fire with family and friends and roast this classic treat. The Chocolate Panna Cotta reminds people of a familiar thing presented in a new way.

Enjoy this dessert and many more at Little Giant, located in Portland’s West End neighborhood.

Isabelle Hinckley