Round Turn Distilling’s Bimini Gin Cocktail

Cocktail prepared by Round Turn Distilling | Photo by Lauryn Hottinger


The Red Right Return cocktail is made of Bimini gin, cranberry, passionfruit, angostura bitters, and lemon.

The idea for this cocktail began with the desire to merge comforting cool-weather flavors with the summer-inspired botanical notes of Bimini Gin. Lush passionfruit syrup combines with the tartness of pure cranberry juice to support the refreshing grapefruit and hops flavors in the gin. The bitters add warmth and hints of baking spice, while the expressed lemon zest adds brightness and a sweet citrus aroma. The drink is stirred with ice, rather than shaken, to preserve the velvety texture of the ingredients. It’s the perfect sip to savor during the change of seasons.

Darren Case and Kristina Hansen, of Round Turn Distilling in Biddeford, make Bimini Gin in what they would regard as a modern style with citrus-forward notes of grapefruit and the introduction of hops as part of the botanical base.

Isabelle Hinckley