Backyard Wedding in Morrill

Photos: Jo Silver, Sarah Morrill Photography

Location: Ben and Morgan’s home in Morrill

Florist: Nancy Leach Graham, Wedding Works

Catering: Trillium Caterers

Hair & Makeup: Lizzy Trudeau

Stationary: Maureen Block

Band: The Soulbenders (nine-piece family band)

When Ben and Morgan bought their home in Morrill last fall, they knew they were not just buying their forever home, but also their wedding venue.

The day-long celebration was a combined effort from friends and family. Morgan’s mom, Nancy Leach Graham of Wedding Works, incorporated cut flowers with buckets of mixed flowers from the Chase’s Daily farm for the arrangements. Morgan wanted a natural summer garden look, combining vivid reds, oranges, yellows, and blues. The colorful arrangements alternated with clay-potted herbs across the table. Ben’s mom, Maureen Block, painted watercolor tomatoes on the invitations. She was inspired by Ben and Morgan’s love of growing tomatoes and working in their garden together.

Morgan wore her mother’s wedding dress, something she always dreamed of doing, with the help of a few alterations to modernize it. Ben’s brother’s fiancée, Lizzy Trudeau of Babes By Lizzy Studio, did the hair and makeup.

Matt Smith, a friend of Ben’s from childhood, played a rendition of Guy Clark’s song “Homegrown Tomatoes,” which has one of Ben and Morgan’s favorite lines: “Only two things money can’t buy, that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.” 

Isabelle Hinckley