Words & Photos by Courtney Elizabeth and Jamie Mercurio of Root + Abound

Bath’s vital downtown is steeped in history, and the quaint streets are filled with beautifully maintained 19th-century architecture. Home to the renowned Chocolate Church Arts Center and Maine Maritime Museum, Bath also abuts two of our state’s most beautiful beaches: Popham Beach and Reid State Park. Community roots run especially deep here, and the recent openings of new pubs, restaurants, and markets will entice you to hop in your car and take a drive.



Concinnity Deli + Lounge

The Concinnity Deli + Lounge features many organic and healthy menu options with seasonal vegetables that are sourced from local farms, such as Thirty Acre Farm in Whitefield. Concinnity’s menu changes with the seasons, and their homemade rice bowls are reason enough to pay a visit.



The New Place Market

Owner Lucy Comaskey, summarizes the vision for her shop as, “Tasteful provisions with a guiding conscience.” Tasteful doesn’t cover just the edibles here, either. This stylish space shows off Comaskey’s wares to tempting effect.

“I have always been drawn to a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, I think partly because my mind is always filled with a million ideas. It’s helpful to me to have a visually black canvas in the ‘real’ world. I also know that I would want to fill the shop with colorful product and fresh flowers-and that these items would need a clean background in order to take center stage.” -Lucy Comaskey



Country Farm

A treasure trove of decidedly un-rustic home decor, Country Farm Furniture is filled with functional pieces for any type of space, practically all of them urbane and design-forward. Owner-designers Catherine Panettieri Coulombe and Daniel Coulombe purchased the business in May 2014. Since the 1800s, this building has been occupied by many different furniture stores. But Catherine and Daniel have been working together for about 10 years and have been in the Maine furniture industry for over 35 years. And they are here to stay. 



Bath Brewing Company

A hip little city like this has to have a craft brewpub, and Bath has a nice one. Bath Brewing Company, which opened earlier this year, is located on Front Street in the Povich building. Owners Mike Therriault and Terry Geaghan envisioned a community-driven brewery and pub situated on the banks of the Kennebec River in downtown Bath. Their cozy main floor offers delicious pub fare in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, with a more traditional dining and lounge area on the second floor.

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