The Lincoln Mill Reimagined

An abandoned mill gets a new life as a The Lincoln hotel, a sleek, new Biddeford spot imbued with design magic
Words By Anna Mangum
Photos By Trent Bell
Design Team Krista Stokes, Hurlbutt Designs, & Mark Cotto|Architect Winston Scott|Construction Chinburg Properties|Developer Atlantic Holdings

In the center of Biddeford, a once-industrial southern Maine town, a phoenix has risen from the metaphorical ashes. I’m talking about The Lincoln Hotel. This historic town, home to the once-abandoned Lincoln Mill, has been on the up-and-up in recent years, —now brimming with artists, incredible restaurants, shops, and, restored to beyond its former glory, the mill-turned-glam-hotel. The brilliant design team behind its upgrade is Krista Stokes, Hurlbutt Designs, and Mark Cotto, who are well-versed in the realm of hotel design. But something about The Lincoln feels different than any project they’ve taken on before. For one, their careful consideration of the building’s history informed the philosophy of the redesign. The designers worked with a restoration team to ensure important elements of history were preserved. Pieces of original wood and brick remain intact throughout the space, and there’s an industrial chic influence on the interior design.

The grandeur of the rooms enhances that cloud-nine feeling with oversized beds, lights, and window.

Let’s place heavy emphasis on the “chic” in industrial chic. Like any project that Tim Harringtonis behind, the space is nothing less than indulgent. The larger-than-life lobby feels supersized, with high ceilings, luxe seating, and fabulous art hung everywhere. Spinning Jenny’s Coffee Baris a great place to meet a friend or have a work meeting, while the Lobby Bar is a favorite of locals and tourists alike for its refreshing cocktails. Krista and her design team are in sync with Biddeford’s growth over the past few years and manage to deliver on what people are craving forin this city.

Grab a morning espresso at Spinning Jenny’s Coffee Bar.
The Lincoln Hotel has become a dynamic hub in the center of Biddeford, completing the full circle of The Lincoln Mill’s heritage.

n the rooms and suites that feeling of indulgence is only heightened, thanks to opulent beds, Carrera marble-detailed bathrooms, spacious showers, and the divine scent of Santal 33. All of the pomp has a rich juxtaposition against the exposed brick and industrial lines. There’s something so innately satisfying in seeing masculine details balanced by the beloved-by-guests white, fluffy bed in the center of each room.

The exposed brick honors the original architecture of the building, juxtaposed by soft lines in the decor.
Even the showers, lined with white subway tile, are oversized to continue the thematic of over-the-top glam.
Krista Stokes, Louise Hurlbutt of Hurlbutt Designs, and Mark Cotto aren’t afraid to embrace maximalist style.
Stepping into The Lincoln is an unforgettable experience, and it’s almost hard to believe it was once a working mill. A layer of magic has transformed the structure—a reminder that everything here gets a second life. Expect the unexpected: even a series of antique banker’s portraits underwent a major “glow-up.” With the help of magic (and a bit of glitter), they now present as everything from a drag queen to a cellist. Discover this hotel’s second breath of life—it’ll take your breath away.

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