Arcadia Kitchen & Bath: A Study in Green

A new kitchen is marked by luxurious, dark green cabinetry that is paired with timeless elements and modern accents
Words By Anna Mangum
Photos By Liz Daly

At first glance, these cabinets appear black. Look closer when the light shines on the doors, and you’ll see the color is a rich, dark green that feels complex and inviting. In 2022, we fell in love with the green kitchen, and now we are thrilled to see it evolve in this design from Arcadia Kitchen and Bath. Their client, Renee Burch, is fond of the form and function of a traditional European style, which she discovered when she lived abroad in London. Now returning to Maine, she wanted to mix European and New England styles in her kitchen, while keeping the needs of the whole family in mind. Kristen LaValle, the designer, says, “Aesthetically, Renee wanted to do a bold color. That was an important part of the design. It’s fun to have a client who is not afraid of color!”

The quartz tops of the waterfall island were sourced from Discover Marble & Granite’s Calacatta Collection.

A big European element of the space is the larder, a stand-alone piece that houses a toaster, coffee machine, kettle, and milk frother. Renee laughs, “If there’s a mess in the coffee station, we can just close the door. It contains everything!” The larder, what Kristen describes as the European version of a Hoosier cabinet, changes the flow of the kitchen. It helps disperse traffic (who doesn’t want to make a beeline to coffee in the morning?) and contains visual clutter. The galley workstation also helps with maintaining a clean kitchen. It’s long enough so that two people can stand side by side and work in it, prepping veggies or washing up, keeping the counters clean of scraps and crumbs.

The white countertop balances the dark colors of the chairs and cabinets.
The 5-foot galley work station comes with a bowl, strainer, drying rack, and cutting board.
The larder holds a coffee machine, kettle, frother, and toaster. Home owner Renee Burch considers the larder a staple in her house.
The hood is from Modern-Aire, and many of the appliances are from Agren.

The cabinets feature a modified Shaker door frame in an inset design, adding a touch of traditional detail without being fussy. Balancing the darker and more familiar cabinets, the kitchen island introduces a more modern language and is a focal point in the space. One end has traditional paneling, while the other is a contemporary waterfall. Having moments of exploration makes the kitchen exciting, while the subtle New England aesthetic grounds it in place.

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