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Interior designer Ariana Fischer shares her kitchen favorites

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Call me old-school, but I love an old European-style kitchen—functional, with bones that look better with age—giving heart and character to the space. But always with a few elements of modern design to keep it from feeling antiquated. I tend this way because I shy away from fashion, as it becomes dated too easily and is not personal enough for me. The kitchen is the hearth of the home, so when you feel it embodies the test of time and is enduring, it is a grounding and pleasant experience. 


Any material that shows a patina over time … honed marble, gray soapstone, zinc, or butcher block, as they nobly wear the badge of a lifetime of cooking and gathering together.

Photo courtesy of Plain English Design, Belgian Blue Fossil Stone.


White and white—it never goes out of fashion! Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” gets along with everybody, on both walls and cabinetry. 

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore.


Always Belgian Linen. You can’t kill it, and it just gets softer and softer over time, with a lovely drape. 

Photo courtesy of Libeco Home.


Polished nickel is elegant and clean, and the patina that develops over time is rich. 

Photo courtesy of Waterworks.


Natural. This is best achieved by big windows, recessed lighting next, and then decorative lighting as punctuation points (e.g., over the island, table, sink). 

Photo courtesy of Ann Morris Lighting.


Imminently functional, not too many bells and whistles, and enamel finishes are lovely. 

Photo courtesy of Middleby Residential.


I use my grandmother’s original Duralex glass plates from the 1960s. The food always looks great, and the dishes are nonchalant yet chic and crazy strong—just like my grandmother! 

Photo courtesy of Duralex.

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