Decal Delights

McKone Pottery
Words By Anna Mangum

Mary McKone’s small-batch, decaled porcelain brings together beauty and whimsy. Her wildlife patterns evoke nature’s artistry with her Maine endangered species line, with designs drawn by local artist Jacqueline Johnson. 10% of these proceeds are donated to local NGOs working to protect these creatures and habitats. Also in the sea life theme, she crafts oyster platters with delicate aquatic drawings that are perfect for any dinner party. On the more whimsical side, her fascination with old dictionaries led to a line of humorous homewares. Using images found in these dictionaries, she turns them into creative patterns, such as her swimmers. Mary’s designs are always changing, so be sure to buy your favorite before it’s gone.   her slip-cast and wheel-thrown dishes, she works closely with Maine chefs to consider how their food will look, feel, and arrive in her wares. Meg welcomes customers to her studio to get the full experience of seeing and feeling her pieces in real life. Build an experience, and then build a set. 

Pictured here are Mary's pieces from her popular oyster series.
Mary is focused on raising awareness of Maine’s endangered species. Often, her pieces are accompanied with a card about the species and how to help them.

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