From Beach to Peak

C&M Ceramics
Words By Anna Mangum

Meg Walsh’s ceramics are perfect for creating a unique set. On their own, her classic patterns work well, such as Mariner, its blue stripes washing on the shore of the white stripes, as if in a gentle wave. It also pairs well with her other designs, like Octopus, her solid primary color collection, or her fabulous Tie Dye option. To elevate the shape and utility of her slip-cast and wheel-thrown dishes, she works closely with Maine chefs to consider how their food will look, feel, and arrive in her wares. Meg welcomes customers to her studio to get the full experience of seeing and feeling her pieces in real life. Build an experience, and then build a set. 

Schedule a visit to see Meg's nautical-themed ceramics in her Scarborough studio.
Adding small pieces of decor, like this patterned butter dish, add joviality to the dinner table.

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