Lyrical Garments

Catherine Fisher Clothing
Words By Anna Mangum

Catherine Fisher crafts a beautiful trifecta experience with her clothing: first, her own lyric poem inspired by experiences both personal and universal; then, the garment—handmade and painted or accessorized to reflect the text’s meaning; and lastly, the wearer, who brings the fabric to life and makes the poem their own. For example, her Latchkey jacket is a wearable translation of her poem about an abandoned house, using a striped pattern reminiscent of an old mattress slip as a symbol of the rooms of the soul. The design carries/poses the question: How do you animate the house of you? Wearing this piece is an invitation to answer. 

Three elements complete Catherine Fisher’s clothing: the poem, the garment, and the wearer. Her designs find inspiration in her written words and pose different questions to the wearer. Below, the red and white striped tunic, Latchkey, asks: How do you animate the house of you? Photography by Lissy Thomas Photography.

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