The Rad Hatter

Mad Patti Hat Co. 
Words By Anna Mangum

Meg Patti’s hats are an absolute treat for people who appreciate pure artistry. She works with clients to create custom hats, offering bases of straw and rabbit fur felt, coypu fur felt, or beaver fur felt. The different materials each have their own dreamy color options, like a richly satisfying cobalt available with the coypu fur felt. She also has a unique ready-to-wear collection that would make anyone tempted to swap out their trusted hat for one of these luxurious heirloom-quality pieces. With all her works, Meg practices the old-fashioned techniques of hat making, using tools that date back as far as the 1850s. She dazzles with designs that blend the old with the new. 

Meg says, “My hats are stories, adventures, emotions, and creative outlets.” She offers both a ready-to-wear line and custom hats.
Meg’s hats are marked by attention to detail through the stitching, handmade accents, the felt materials, and the time spent making each one.

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