Susan Grisanti

Publisher & Editor

Susan loves old, beautiful buildings—and has brought three nineteenth century buildings back to their former glory—most recently restoring an 1895 building on Munjoy Street. Thrilled to get back to producing editorial on her favorite subjects of art and architecture, she brings over fifteen years of experience in the publishing world to her newest venture, Decor Maine. Her proudest, most rewarding position by far however, is as mother to her three children, Cara, Casey, and Jack.


Susan Pritzker

Associate Publisher

After spending the past three years at an advertising agency in Portland, Susan couldn’t be more excited to get back to her publishing roots at Decor Maine, combining a love for marketing and a passion for home decor. When she’s not crossing something off one of her many lists or tackling a new spreadsheet, she can be found exploring Maine’s mountains and trails, finding a spot at the bar of a growing list of favorite restaurants, scouring sales and salvage shops for a unique find, or diving into a home project on her 1850’s farmhouse and barn, where she lives with her husband and four rescue animals.


Kaylie Thompson

Art Director

Kaylie received her MFA in Film and New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduating, she returned to her native state of Maine to work as the production designer for an independent film company. Her work and interests run the gamut from printmaking to handcrafted stop motion animation. If she is not creating, you can find her basking in one of Maine’s bodies of water.


Isabelle Hinckley

Assistant Editor & Social Media

Isabelle is a recent graduate of Bucknell University where she majored in English and Art History. Throughout college, Isabelle wrote for the student-run newspaper, The Bucknellian. Her interest in journalism brought her to Boston during the summer of 2017 where she worked at the Christian Science Monitor as an intern at the world news desk. Isabelle’s love for writing and passion for art and design brought her back to Maine, the place she grew up visiting every summer with her family.