A Kitchen for Family Baking

Kitchen Cove Design Studio, Portland
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Courtney Elizabeth

Baking with two young children sounds like a recipe for flour-covered … everything. Doing it every day? Ill-advised. But that’s exactly what a kitchen update by Mary Adams has allowed the young owners of this Cape Elizabeth home to do successfully, happily, and—believe it or not—regularly.

“The house was dated when they moved in,” says Mary, “so we really wanted to make the kitchen space feel much larger than it was. Having an island with room to spread out prep work, devising flexible storage solutions for canisters and ingredients, finding pull-up chairs that the kids could use to help, these were the priorities.” In one cabinet, she opted for a retractable mixer stand. “I don’t use them often because they take up a lot of space, but if you’re using it every single day it makes a lot of sense.” Also tucked away in the quartersawn oak cabinet unit by Crystal Cabinet Works of Minnesota is a built-in Miele coffee maker.

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