A Kitchen with Room to Dance

Balance Design Studio, Portland
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Erin Little
BuilderJIm Bernard Custom Homes|Interior DesignerEthan Allen, Montreal

As long as the homeowner had room for the pots and pans and wares to support dinner for 20,” says Catherine Weiland, “she knew she’d be happy.”

For clients that believe in food as a social adhesive, quality equipment and adaptability were crucial in their Scarborough kitchen. “Luxury appliances might seem extravagant, but if you love to cook, those appliances are the tools of joy,” Catherine says. She also remembers a large debate regarding the island table—should it be grounded or movable? “I suggested the latter, which is the direction we went. The space needed to support dancing as easily as a board game. If people want to dance, I want them dancing.”

Cote McDonald Finishing Contractors and builder Jim Bernard created and executed ample storage space, expertly designed by Matthieu Urquhart.

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