Banks Design Associates Artfully Inspired Apartments

Linda Banks and Edith Smith stretch their design expertise across nine apartments, each with their own unique look
Words By Anna Mangum
Photos By Francois Gagne
Designer:Banks Design Associates|Builders:Consigli Construction|Developer:RegerDasco Properties|Architect of Record:Archetype Architects

The working waterfront in Portland is marked by vibrant colors, seafaring action, schooners, tourists, locals, and enticing smells from incredible restaurants. It appeals to all ages. So, when Linda Banks and Edith Smith were hired as the design consultants for the developer and new owners of a building on Portland’s iconic waterfront, she wanted to match the energy of the scenery and consider any age that might want to live there. “We used mod colors and art,” she says. “The art—mostly by local artists—was the driver for the palette.” In the penthouse, a piece by Jane Dahmen inspired the palette of floral colors and patterns. Linda and her team designed nine units total during the development, echoing different lifestyles, each outfitted with fresh and colorful furnishings. But the art is truly what’s at the center. Linda says, “We share this
sampling of the project because readers might enjoy seeing how to merge new and existing to create exciting, vibrant design.”

Gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunset cast light into these dreamy apartments.
All the decor is sourced from Simply Home’s Falmouth-based showroom. Linda selected fresh colors and practical pieces to appeal to a wide range of people.
The main informant of the color scheme is artwork from Portland Art Gallery, like this piece titled River Walk by Jane Dahmen.

In the living room, pink from Jane’s piece is pulled into the Simply Home coral pink chairs and balanced with a light gray sofa. Blue lamps, vase, and books refer to the water element in the painting. The effect is like stepping inside the art, and it’s a fun nod to the legacy of Maine artists. Eliminating clutter and focusing on the essentials and fresh, modern furniture grounds the busy city-goer in a soothing atmosphere at home, just above the noise of it all.

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