Listening for Sanctuary

Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Max Ablicki

Project Location:


Design & Installation:

Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes

Images can’t capture the entirety of this custom water feature’s hypnotic power. “Sound is a big part of it,” says horticulturalist-designer Ted Carter. “It takes a lot of work to shape the spillways in such a way that you get a sincere and authentic sound. The water sings to you a little bit.” It comes as no surprise to Ted, given the state of the world, that a good number of people are looking to put money into constructing areas of sanctuary. Butterfly bushes attract colorful specimens, and birds nesting in the nearby pines chirp faintly throughout the day. “The space is visible from most of the house, too,” says Ted, “so the owners enjoy its view even in winter.”     

Maine river rock borders a custom water feature and butterfly bushes. An escape that “engages the natural world to come be a part of your world,” explains Ted.