Of Moss-Scapes and Vertical Gardens

TerraFlora, Brunswick
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Lauryn Hottinger
BuilderSwell Construction|Interior DesignerSpruce Color & Design

Cheryl Tyler has seen it time and again. Something about her living arrangements holds people still, stops them midstride. “Plants make you want to step up and step closer,” she says. “These pieces are nice from a distance because of the careful design, but the truly great thing about plants is that they inevitably draw people in.”

A vertical garden inside a Freeport home. Modular support structure by Dana Moore. Frame around the system by Erik Koehler.

Each piece from this women-owned-and-operated Brunswick studio functions on an automated, recirculating irrigation system that purges the need to hand-water. “I offer ongoing maintenance once it’s been installed, working with the client if they want to do it on their own,” Cheryl says. “When the pandemic started, I brought one of the pieces home from the studio to make a Zoom wall. It’s psychological, a feeling of comfort. It’s another living element in the room.”

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