Reparative Vein

Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Lauryn Hottinger

“Pretty soon into carving out these steps, we found a fault going right through the walking space,” recalls Dan Morales-Walsh of this Phippsburg job. Sealers tend to get slick when wet, which obviously makes them a bad option for stairs, and using chunks from the cut-out ledge as a fill looked sloppy. “It was always going to read like a patch,” Dan says, “and we didn’t want that in such a prominent spot. What we had was some reclaimed granite with a nice green in it. I decided we’d make the fault an accent, put a vein of green going through. Showcase the solution instead of trying to hide it.”

It took a few extra days of careful grinder work, and the fault was actually expanded a skosh to accommodate the granite, but the results are singular.

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