Study in White Oak

Caleb Johnson Studio
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Trent Bell
Project Location:Bethel|Principal Architects:Caleb Johnson|General Contractor:Clearwater Builders|Millwork:Wentworth Woodworking|Landscape Design:Soren DeNiord Design Studio
Creative problem solving led to adapting the slope of the land and the home built upon it, maintaining a layered but unified layout.

This hillside home near Sunday River sprawls through layers of space. Its location on a steep hill called for a unique layout that would unify the home over those changing levels. A secondary aim, according to architect Caleb Johnson, was “simplicity of materials throughout,” which also created a cohesive look. With a focus on clean, minimalistic design, millwork of a single wood—white oak, is the focal point, each space with a unique stain to allow multiple tones to come through. 

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