The Imbibing Mood

Capozza Tile and Floor Covering Center, Portland
Words By Brian Shuff
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Breweries are about a lot more than beer. “The aesthetic of the tasting room creates the mood and the atmosphere that keep people coming back,” says Mike Webster, Capozza’s director of operations. To help establish the look and feel at two of Maine’s premier brew stops—Portland’s Austin Street and Freeport’s Maine Beer Company—Capozza marshaled its forces. “Commercial spaces give us the chance to work as a team with our sister companies, Old Port Specialty Tile and Capozza Concrete and Epoxy,” Mike says.

At Maine Beer Company, notice the modern twist on subway tile decking the bar. The two-by-eight-inch Victorian Blue tiles have a major gloss and are installed vertically. “They carried this same tile across all three bar areas,” Mike says. “The pouring bar, the pizza bar, and the reception area.”

Tile and countertop collaboration: Capozza Tile and Floor Covering Center. Capozza Concrete Services and Old Port Specialty Tile

Housed in a former industrial site, the Austin Street taproom had concrete floors with years of wear. “Lucky for us, the owners saw the potential,” says Mike. Polishing concrete grinds away the existing slab until the desired sheen emerges. The result is a densified, highly durable surface that requires little maintenance. “It’s important to remember you’re not fixing the floors,” says Mike. “Polishing is about enhancing the beauty of the existing slab. Now, the terrazzo floors at Austin Street are highlighted, protected, and will set the stage for a relaxing drink for a long time.”

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