To Each Their Own

Sandy Pines Campground, Kennebunkport
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Doug Merriam
interior DesignerKrista Stokes

At Sandy Pines Campground, designer Krista Stokes turned 12 identical cabins into 12 personally curated experiences. “Krista has an uncanny ability to envision an imaginary guest for each cabin,” says marketing director Brenda Darroch. “Using that image as a guide, she creates design themes that she executes to the finest detail.”

Comfort and privacy meet camping at Sandy Pines. With walls painted in a rich coat of Magnolia’s Repurposed, Cottage #4 welcomes visitors home- away-from-home.

Take Cabin 13 (the cabin numbers aren’t sequential). “For this space, Krista pictured someone nostalgic for an old Maine fish camp,” Brenda says. Krista fleshed out the concept with a rustic luxury. White linen sheets cover a king-sized hickory bed. Soft sage walls contrast with a whitewashed ceiling. Strategically placed rods and oars lend playful verisimilitude without becoming set dressing. This is fun stuff.

Coowners Tim Harrington and Debbie Lennon worked closely with Krista to create a luxury camping experience.

“Sandy Pines gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of camping,” Brenda says, “alongside the comforts and individual experience of a boutique hotel.”

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