Wild Grain

GKS Furnituremaker
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Gabe Sutton
Project Location:Biddeford|Fabric Painter:Heather Chontos

Gabe Sutton is a self-taught craftsman of nearly two decades. To achieve the complex patterns in his work, he has learned to cut his own veneers. “It’s a bit of an old-world technique,” he says. “It’s called shop cut, or shop sawn, and it produces a much thicker, more stable veneer than you see commercially.” These custom veneers can be cut and laminated in any orientation. “That’s how I get really funky patterns with the grain running in different directions, Gabe adds. A spectacular set of club chairs is a collab with artist Heather Chontos, who hand-painted the upholstery. 

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