A Private Island Getaway

House Island’s proximity to Portland brings the best of both worlds: a private, luxurious stay with access to to city life
Words By Anna Mangum
Photos By François Gagné
Interior Design: North Fork Design Company|Developer: Foreside Development Company

Having your own private island in Maine just got a lot easier, thanks to Foreside Development Company. Gone are the days when you need to own an island to have a private, luxurious experience out at sea. Accessible via a five-minute boat ride from Portland, House Island’s three rental properties are loaded with New England charm in an upscale environment. 

The interiors have plenty of comfortable seating, space for entertaining, and all the amenities you want on vacation.

Its proximity to the Portland Jetport and the bustling foodie and arts scene of Portland makes it a popular destination among guests looking for a balanced experience of city life and remote relaxation. Casey Prentice, owner of the island, calls the feeling of being there “the fishbowl effect.”

Subtle lobster prints, a crisp white palette, and woven textures bring a classic and nautical feel to the design.
Enjoy an afternoon entertaining on the porch while watching the ocean from your own private island.

“You’re in the middle of the harbor,” says Casey, “and you can watch the world go by on all sides. You’ll see boats, schooners, and cruise ships. You look out, but they don’t see you. It’s like being in a tent in a rainstorm.”

Quintessential Maine informed North Fork Design Co. and the team behind Foreside Development Company’s refresh of House Island’s two main stays.

Even though being able to escape to your own private island is quite the experience, the rental properties themselves more than pull their weight to contribute to the luxe feeling. With easy access to private, pink-sand beaches covering the 12.5 acres of island owned by the team behind Foreside Development Company, an enjoyable day watching the world go by is right at your fingertips.

Whaleback, one of the House Island accommodations available through Inspirato, was dubbed “Christina’s World,” because it resembles a Wyeth painting with its scenic overlook. With a fireplace in every room and original floors, this property is imbued with old-school charm. The other accommodation, Seashore, is geared more toward entertaining large parties. Its full-size kitchen with an open floor plan and terrace floating above the water promises a successful gathering. What better place to host a party than the glamorous solitude of a getaway at sea?

A stay at House Island is the ultimate immersive experience, surrounded by the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean and sea-faring activity from Portland. However, there’s more on the horizon than just that: Foreside Development Company has some exciting additions up its sleeves, so stay tuned for more developments this summer.

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