Crown Point Cabinetry Opts for a Modern Gray

Crown Point Cabinetry designs a client’s dream neutral and earthy kitchen in Kennebunkport
Words By Anna Mangum
Photos By Michael D. Wilson

Julie Carpia, a designer at Crown Point Cabinetry, guides her clients toward choosing one or two colors for a kitchen space to generate a clean design that pairs well with the floors, ceilings, and countertop. This is what she did for the Pottle family, a Massachusetts-based family with the hopes of moving full time to Kennebunkport. After getting engaged in Kennebunkport over 20 years ago, the couple has been creating fond memories in the Maine beach town. Finally, they purchased a second home about seven years ago with the intent of it one day being their primary residence. Sallie Pottle is drawn toward traditional, earthy, and rustic styles, which informed the warm gray color palette (Sherwin-Williams’s “Modern Gray”) in the new kitchen. “Adding color to the kitchen stems back to clients wanting more of a furniture feel to their homes,” Julie notes. Indeed—even though the kitchen is almost monochromatic, it invites a palette of neutral colors that make the space feel homey.

The neutral color palette in this kitchen allows the quality of the materials, textures, and added plants to shine.
We’re seeing more and more floating shelves in homes that have spectacular views.
The inset construction and the Shaker-style cabinet door keep the lines clean and tight.

One of the keys to this project was offering enough storage so that the smaller kitchen is functional without overdoing it. A bar area filters potential crowding in the kitchen to an area off to the side, designated for breakfast staples and beverages. The classic-style cabinets with a contemporary flair provide nooks for an array of pots, pans, spices, and cooking utensils. The inset construction paired with a Shaker door adds detail to the kitchen while keeping the desired clean aesthetic. Instead of upper cabinets, the clients opted for floating shelves for assorted dishes. “The shelves keep everything balanced with the view,” Julie adds. “After all, you are in that location for that view!”

Pulling the quartz countertops up onto the walls as the backsplash makes the kitchen much easier to clean. In addition to staying away from too many colors in a smaller space, Julie also tries to select similar textures. The slab countertops function as tile in the backsplash and achieve the desired look of a simple yet effective design. Washing dishes was also made easier by arranging the dishwasher next to the cabinets where all of the dinnerware and utensils are stored. The new kitchen is smartly arranged to consider how the space is lived in, making it much more enjoyable when it comes time to clean up.

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