Playful Sophistication

Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes, located in Buxton, crafts a lively outdoor space for Classic Yarmouth Village Home
Words By Heather Chapman
Photos By Jonathan Reece

When the stewards of a historic home in the village center of Yarmouth called on Ted Carter for a total rehab of their green spaces, the reception was met with the embrace of an old friend. “I designed this landscape 20 years ago,” says Ted. In the span of those two decades, the once bustling family home found itself void of youngsters and in need of a more sophisticated expression. “The exteriors were scraped and repainted, the period-style fencing installed 20 years prior was replaced, and the patina that had pleasantly made itself known on existing hardscape was preserved,” explains Ted, noting how some lichen had added a few smile lines to earlier-installed vintage stone.

The main entrance to this historic home is marked by the energetic whimsy of an akebia vine.

Now, clad in a refreshed and sunny coat of mustard yellow that pops against darker window treatments, the home’s exterior character is accentuated by a thoughtfully introduced perennial garden that borders on playful. Winking black-eyed Susans, basking day lilies, gentle daisies, and more sway in the summer months and make way for blooming asters and bellflowers come autumn. A unique brick-paver pathway carves a walking route through the garden. “I staged this project—like most of my work—with multi-season flowering plants so the visual interest extends year-round,” Ted says.

Existing hardscape shows preserved lichen and other marks of distinguishment.
Embraced by a period-style fence, the garden feels a world all its own.

Riffing off the home’s corner lot, Ted seized the opportunity to decorate the front door for show, while asecondary door beckons with a seductive akebia vine draping over the lintel. “The fencing placementwas strategic as well, creating a sense of intimacy within the private domain. Inside the fence, onecompletely forgets the public area beyond and is instantly embracedby the interior garden,” says Ted.

A unique brick-paver pathway cuts through the vibrant perennial garden.

Clients find themselves in good hands with Ted. “I try to be sincere and authentic to the client, thehome, and the land—to integrate their needs with the arch and nature of the property,” Ted says.“When a place exudes a timeless, grounding aura, I know the job is complete.”

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