A Breath of Fresh Air

Gordo Glass
Words By Anna Mangum

Since moving to Maine from Massachusetts, Lee Gordon has been blown away by the state’s robust craft community. He admires that Maine makers are successfully able to turn their passion for craft into a career. And there’s such a demand among Mainers for handmade decor: People here like to go back to the roots of drinking out of a vessel that was crafted by hand. They appreciate living with nice things, from local food to home goods.”  His glasswork captures the colors and textures of seaweed, rocks, and other natural elements he finds on daily beach walks in Kittery with his dog. At the moment, Lee enjoys working on his Touchstones line—little handheld sculptures that contrast an area of transparent blues and greens with an opaque patterned section. The Touchstones, like all his pieces, are best when grouped together.   

Pictured are samples from Lee’s Algae Rhythm series, all blown glass work, which requires him to breathe through a tube into the hot glass, forming the shape.

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