Reclaimed Wonders

Matt Barter
Words By Brian Shuff
Photos By Lauryn Hottinger
Project Location:Brunswick
A statement bed. “Modifying things to be the way you want it to be is really important to us,” Matt explains.

Perhaps you’ve seen Matt Barter’s Art House from the roadside in Brunswick. The artist’s distinctive salvage style has been refined over many years, starting in Oregon where he attended demolition auctions. Almost all Matt’s work today uses reclaimed or recycled materials. Horsehair-plastered lath planks border the entrance to a built-in bed. “Those planks are one of my favorite resources,” Matt says. Outside, a chicken coop designed in the style of a cuckoo clock was an anniversary present for Matt’s wife, Rebekah. “She’s my teammate on all these projects,” he says, “and she loves Bavarian things, so it was fun to make this for her.”  

Growing up with an artist father helped inspire Matt’s own journey toward unconventional creations.

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